Tomica Hypercity Mega Station Set – A Fun Toy to Inspire a Young Child’s Imagination

For the 3-5 year old age group, the Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Set is a fun railroad set that inspires the imagination. It is made by Tomy, a familiar name in the toy business, so you know it is a quality and durable play set for the kids. Tomy has been around for over eight decades and is an endearing toy company known for its innovative, quality and safe toys.

What is the Mega Station Hypercity Set? It is a fully automated railway station complete with lights, sounds, race track, rail road, train, station, pavement, convenience store, cars and a Tomika kid. It has a downtown area, with streets, parking, shops, working stoplights and streetlights—everything your child needs to comprehend the busy working world around him. For example, by pressing down on a button near the little store, he can launch a car out into the parking area. If he pushes another near the store, the doors will open. Cars ride up the ramp and then slide down to the train crossing. There are more buttons at the intersection to control when the cars cross over the tracks and when the train can cross.

The set is easy put together and you and your child can use your imagination in creatively setting it up in different ways. The train can run manually or on full automation and several children can play together with the set to run the different areas of the community. The kids can mimic the bustling activity of a train station and other parts of the city. When the train pulls into the terminal, the cars will stop at the train crossing and wait. When the train is on the move again, the cars are on the go again. The kids can be in control of all of everything by switching the station into manual mode.

You can even add additional features to the Mega Station Set to enhance the city features, or expand the set with the other city sets from Tomica. But they aren’t necessary for creative and imaginative play. You will need to pick up 4 C batteries for the set that is not included in the package.

The Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Set is made with durable quality materials and toy safety is not an issue as the Tomica Company always provides quality and reliable toys for children. The parts and pieces of the set are colorful as well as durable. It’s no wonder that Tomica toys are passed down from sibling to sibling, and this Mega Station set is no different.

Don’t Forget to Include Toys and Crafts in Your Dollar Store Merchandise

One of the dollar store merchandise departments that often get overlooked is toys and crafts. Yet those who know how to succeed in the dollar store business know just how important the sales of this merchandise can be to overall store success. They also know a well-stocked toys and crafts area will be a welcoming sight to all younger visitors, and even to the young at heart who enter your store. Sure, there are some downsides to carrying these items. However, when you weigh the pluses against the minuses, this is a department most will recognize as being a necessity.

Read on as I present some of the key toys and crafts dollar store merchandise to include in this all important department.

Start with the basics of crafts. Drawing supplies such as colored pens, drawing pens and pencils, color crayons, are a beginning. Don’t forget to add in drawing paper, poster board, and even coloring books. But this is just the beginning. Those who know how to succeed in the dollar store business also add water colors, glitter, beads and all types of craft kits and supplies.

Toys start with games. There is an almost endless list of popular board and travel games to consider. They start with the old standards of checkers, chess and cards, both playing and poker. Add in a good assortment of puzzles. Be sure this includes puzzles for all age groups.

Toys and Crafts also should include a good assortment of trucks and cars, dolls and clothes, and all the accessories for each. Don’t forget to add a good assortment of packaged animals. Whether it is farm animals, animals found around the world in the wild or prehistoric animals, they are a favorite.

Assorted play balls from small to large are another popular addition. Don’t forget to add Frisbees, hoops, and water games and toys to the mix as well.

Those who know how to succeed in the dollarstore business also know there must be an ever-changing assortment of toys for every season. Whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall they include the right mix of toys to keep the youngest members of every family entertained and happy.

The list of dollar store merchandise to include in your toys and crafts department will continue to grow. Ask vendors for the hottest selling items. Speak with shoppers for the items they could not find, but want or need. Soon you will have toys and crafts offering something for every shopper entering your dollar store.

To your discovery of how to succeed in the dollar store business!

Plush Toy – The Issue of Pricing

One consideration that will bug you from the design process up to the selling is the issue of pricing for your plush toy. How much are you going to sell them for? Can I make large stuffed toys so they will be more expensive or should I focus on collectible ones? Most people would go into this business to earn money. There’s no doubt about that. If you have a great idea for a toy, it’s just normal for you to want to earn from it especially if you can see it as the next big thing in the industry.

Why should you consider pricing in the first place? Pricing your toy can spell failure or success for you. In most cases, you can’t price it too high or too low. If you price it too high, no one is going to buy it. Price it too low and you’ll end up with a sold out toy but no earnings from it. A very low price can even deter some people from buying as they’ll assume that it is cheaply made or unsafe. As far as pricing is concerned, you want it to be just right.

First of all, pricing doesn’t depend on the size of the toy. Some people would conclude that large plush toys are more expensive. This is not always the case. It’s true that the cost of making a large one is relatively higher than a smaller one, but if it doesn’t offer added value or anything new there’s really no market for it. You can also choose to make collectible stuffed toys. But even if it’s a collectible, you can’t really price it too high because technically, it hasn’t reached the “Beanie Baby Craze” just yet. You want a price that will encourage people to buy and collect your collectible toys.

So should you stop yourself from pricing it high? Fortunately for you, you shouldn’t. You can actually set the price high for your plush toy. But why would people buy overpriced toys? It doesn’t matter if they are very large or the next craze in collectibles. Overpriced is still overpriced. So what can you do? You can add value to the toy so that it wouldn’t be overpriced anymore. You can approach your manufacturer and ask them if they have ideas on things to add value to the toy. The important thing is whatever it is that you’re going to add, make sure that it’s a value that customers would appreciate.

Let’s say you want to sell your plush toys online. People usually search online for gifts for their loved ones. They can order a plush toy from you at a price that’s just right and they’ll take care of wrapping it and putting a gift card. However, you can offer it at a higher price and add the value of a free gift wrap and gift card for the plush toy. It’s something that will cost you about a dollar, but its value is more than that so you can price it higher.

You don’t have to sell large plush toys or collectible ones in order to get a higher price for your toys. It’s just a matter of adding value to it so that you will add something extra for your customers.